I’ve been busy, but 2007 is the year I figure out where I’m going to school and earn my cdl license.  There are several in my area, which I have not yet contacted.  Days away now will be 2007 and I will need to get my s^&t in order.  Marry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Don’t Drink and Drive!


What I mean is 1) I’m only 20, 2) it’s summer time, 3) I’m not 21 yet (not old enough), 4) did I mention it’s summer? 🙂

I’m still working or plan to be working on this blog, but hey give a guy a break!:) I do plan to try to document my quest, it just may take awhile!

I was just reading a pretty informative site from a retired truck driver who shows how to get a cdl without going to a truck school. In a nutshell it says go to your states drivers license office, get the cdl book, learn it, take the test, earn your cdl. And it appears doing it this way you can avoid going to a school to learn how to driver a truck. That sounds good, I’d save some money, however I would have my cdl license without and real teachings in a truck or experience behind the wheel, so I’m not too sure I want to go that route? More reading more learning…

Ok I now know the answer because I was just reading that I need to be 21 years old to earn my cdl license in ohio. Since I am only 20 then I have several months to figure this out. Well maybe I need to go to a school for training so I am ready when I turn 21? I best keep my high paying 🙂 day job until I make up my mind. Actually I’m looking into these truck driving schools in Ohio so if you have any thoughts please let me know.

I remember reading before about a truck driver shortage, which is one of the reasons I am interested in the career (job opportunities). I just found a blog taking about this shortage and it seems (at first glance) that part of the shortage is due to high turnover rate. So some questions for further research, if there is high turnover, why? Is this maybe not a good job or career to consider. More reading to do…

Man, after several minutes of writing it, gone. Need to start over. Gotta love learning curves, but this blogging thing and word press are still pretty damb cool, so I’ll continue on!

In addition to thinking about becoming a truck driver I was also wanting to learn more about blogs. So I found wordpress via some different searches online and here we are. Maybe I can learn about a couple of things at the same time! 1) Do I want to become a trucker and 2) How to use a blog.

I’ll try to documents some information I find during my learning just in case anyone actually finds and reads “My Blog”! 🙂 Hey, this is kind of fun and easy to write, play, and learn.